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The Internet is a busy place these days and dropping into a website is like visiting someone’s house in a distant city. Usually doesn’t happen by chance.

I write thriller novels, and as you browse around you’ll find the five were published through Dorchester Publishing and my latest thriller – One Child – a 30 day interactive story.

It’s a thriller, but like nothing else on the market. This book expands the thriller genre and the marketing and distribution has set new standards in the industry.  It’s available now, and you’ll be amazed as you experience it take unfold.

Yes I’m the writer, but I could have never done it alone. You'll be able to find out more about the team behind launching the latest novel and the disruption it inspired, visit our website at www.enthrill.com. There you can meet some very brilliant minds.

You are welcome to visit my blog and connect to me personally through Facebook and Twitter.

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