Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. The good news is, I should soon have some new titles on the shelves.


It’s been a few years without a new release (four years to build a company and two years to write a couple of new books), which is a very hard thing for an author. Now, it’s finally time to get these new books to market.


First on the agenda – find the right agent for Minimum Wage, The Reluctant Truth, and Size Four. All three of these books are a bit of a departure from my previous writing.


Minimum Wage is about Nick, a Houston lawyer who gets cut out of his wealthy uncle’s will and has to work at minimum wage for a year if he wants a chance at the inheritance. The story has nothing to do with the money, and everything to do with Nick learning that all people have value.


The Reluctant Truth is more of a thriller and very close to my heart. In it, a 94 year-old WWII veteran finally opens up to his distant son with some of his war stories. The son realizes that he never knew his dad. It’s a theme that resonates throughout the book – that sometimes the people closest to us can be the most wonderful strangers.


Size Four is a crime novel - sort of - with an ex-homicide cop as the main character. It's set in Phoenix and written in the first person. It took me 21 books to finally try one that wasn't third person and so far the response has been pretty good. AJ Costa, whose head you're living inside for the duration of the book, is a retired cop who doesn't think the rules apply to him. He has opinions on pretty much everything, with a chirpy line of banter kicking around as he navigates through things.


So, there should be at least one new release in 2018. I hope everyone who enjoyed the thrillers I published through Dorchester will forgive me for the long absence and come back for a new adventure. Or two.


Until then, all the best.

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