Here's the press release for my latest thriller, One Child:

Thriller Novel Altering the Way People Read

Thursday July 22, 9:27 am ET

New format threatens existing publishing model as novel reaches out to readers and delivers on a multitude of platforms

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - 07/22/10) - A new media-rich novel that embraces online culture and fictionalizes real events as they happen will be released on July 27th.

One Child displayed on media platforms

Marshall McLuhan's iconic The medium is the message has never been truer than in today's online world. One Child, the latest offering from five-time bestselling author Jeff Buick, delivers current content to readers and focuses on a fresh approach to writing and marketing books.

The novel has a daily release component, which brings a newsworthy story to readers on their computer or e-reader every morning. What they read on that day is actually occurring on that day.

The reader's experience is enriched by character interaction. Fictional characters have Facebook profiles - and text back. Corporations have websites. WKIO 510, a radio station out of New York, delivers the daily news - and what's happening in the book.

Four embedded videos, filmed for the book, show what it's like on the front lines in Afghanistan.

CEO of Enthrill, Wayne Logan says readers want great content. Logan adds, "They want to understand world events as they unfold. We are changing the publishing model by delivering this content while the stories are still in the headlines."

One Child merges fact and fiction to the point where the reader will be curious as to what is real and what isn't. It tackles important issues of the day in the form of an engrossing, hard-driving thriller novel.

Enthrill Entertainment Inc. is a boutique publishing company focused on bringing thrillers with current content to market using the most innovative means possible.

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