The Freedom Broker

The Freedom Broker in Mexico - turns out for a book, it's a pretty heavy drinker

Thea Paris is not the girl next door.

At first glance she could be – she doesn’t like to fly and is diabetic – normal stuff. But that’s where normal ends and Thea takes over. She’s a kidnap and ransom specialist who is more at home with an M4 in her hands than a hair dryer. And when the bullets start flying, she knows when to duck and when to squeeze the trigger.

Canadian author K.J. Howe has created a character you will not forget anytime soon. She’s wealthy, beautiful, intelligent and lethal, and in the first book of what is sure to become a series, she’s after the men who have kidnapped Christos Paris, her billionaire father. What is usually a day at the office – chasing down kidnappers with a pistol strapped to her side – gets very personal.

Conflict is everywhere, on every page, and Howe keeps raising the stakes as Thea struggles to understand exactly what is going on. If it was only about ransom, she could have it solved, her father back on his yacht and the two of them sipping lattes by early afternoon. But nothing here is simple.

When he disappeared, Christos was on the verge of signing a massive business deal that would shift the world oil supply into his hands. The Russians, Chinese and Americans are all watching – and some are involved. Global politics seep into the plot, but Howe keeps it grounded by pulling us back into the shady world of kidnap and ransom. Her brother, Nikos, who has a brutal backstory, is poking around the periphery of the story. You know something is there, but you’re just not quite sure what.

The story arc surges ahead, the characters come to life and the intensity in each scene grows. The action is relentless and the consequences of each move Thea makes ratchet up until it’s life and death at every turn. Suffice to say, this is a classic thriller.

So, keeping in mind the no spoiler rule, what’s the moral of the story?

That’s easy – don’t mess with Thea Paris.

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