One Child

One Child by Jeff Buick

Halima, a small girl in Kandahar, Afghanistan, dreams she changes the world.

U2, the most popular rock band in the world, prepares to take the stage in Moscow.

There is no apparent connection between the two, yet the threads of destiny are pulling them together. And when they collide, people across the globe watch in fascination.

One Child is a reflection of how our world is now, and how it could be. It digs beneath the surface of war-torn Afghanistan through Halima’s eyes. It exposes the cost of greed. It shares the anguish of a young American soldier and the tenacity of a Wall Street MBA who learns that the business world can be an ugly monster.

From the day you meet Halima, to the moment U2 walks onstage, One Child will rock your world.

You can visit my blog post on what inspired me to write this story.

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One Child ISBN 978-9866199-0-8
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