Lethal Dose


Drugged to Death


An evil pharmaceutical company?

A company that is so bad they knowingly develop and market drugs that kill people.

Impossible? Not really.

The Big Pharma, as the major drug companies are collectively known, are in business to make money. And when it costs somewhere between $200 and $800 million to get a new drug on the shelves, they need to sell a lot of pills to cover expenses. It hardly comes as news to any of us that there are bad drugs on the market. The newspapers are full of stories. Recalls and lawsuits are commonplace.

But what would happen if one company crossed the line? How far would they go if they knew one of their drugs was killing people but they put profits above human life?

How many people would die?

In Lethal Dose you get one possible answer...

Bruce Andrews is the CEO of Veritas Pharmaceutical, a mid-level player in the pill game. Their sales run into the billions, but so do their expenses. And to keep the money rolling in, Andrews keeps Triaxcion on the market, although the drug is suspected of causing numerous deaths across the United States. The dollars pouring in are just too enticing.

But the playing field changes when Gordon Buchanan’s brother, Billy, dies. Buchanan is not a man to trifle with. He’s a wealthy logger from Montana who is part wolverine when he thinks he’s been wronged. And the more he looks into his brother’s death, the more he’s convinced that Veritas was not only responsible, but they knew exactly what they were doing.

Gordon teams up with Veritas researcher Jennifer Pearce, a new hire who has her own suspicions that Andrews might be murdering people to protect his secrets. Together they begin to piece together the evidence they need to take Andrews down.

Meanwhile, there’s another crisis brewing – this one a threat to the entire nation. Someone has developed a mutated version of the deadly Ebola virus and a terrorist group is threatening to unleash it on the United States. And to show they have the virus and the means to distribute it, they target a few major cities and kill a handful of innocent people.

A task force is set up to deal with the crisis. Navy SEAL teams are dispatched to shut down known al-Qaeda labs, national security is on high alert, and the public is on the verge of panic. JD Rothery, the Director of Homeland Security and the head of the task force, sends out an urgent appeal to the pharmaceutical giants for them to find a drug capable of stopping the virus. The race against a ruthless enemy is on and time is dwindling.

There are plenty of plot twists, tightly woven into a tangle that unravels in the final few chapters.

So what’s the bottom line? Could something like this actually happen? Could a group threaten the United States with a virus that kills everyone it touches? Possibly.

Will it happen? I pray it never will.

The book is more than just a thriller. It’s a picture of the world we live in, where money is valued above human life. It’s a snapshot of what ruthless people will do to achieve wealth and power.

But it’s also about the other side – the mixture of intrinsic good and tenacity that lies deep inside most of us. Gordon Buchanan and Jennifer Pearce face incredible odds as they go head-to-head with Bruce Andrews. But whether they live or die is a question mark. Anyone who read Bloodline, my first book, will know that sometimes the good guys die. So don’t think that by reading this you know how it ends.

This is just the beginning...

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