African Ice


Dying for Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Until they start getting people killed. Then they’re anything but one’s best friend. And throughout the diamond producing regions of Africa, people die every day because of the small, glittering stones.

That’s the tragic truth about life in the countries blessed with diamonds – Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia. This dangerous relationship between the African people and the companies that look to exploit the continent’s natural wealth was the seed that grew into my third novel, African Ice.

First and foremost, African Ice is a fast-paced action adventure that takes the reader on a wild ride through the steaming jungles of the Congo, the dirty streets of Cairo and the well-heeled hallways of the De Beers diamond company in Antwerp. World renowned geologist Samantha Carlson is teamed up with ex-Navy SEAL Travis McNeil and his hand-picked team of mercenaries to find an elusive diamond formation deep in the jungle. Patrick Kerrigan, president of Gem-Star, a New York based mining company, is footing the bill. He’s also the man intent on killing Carlson and her entire team once they find the diamonds.

But Travis McNeil is no pushover. The team faces threats from many sides, and suffers horrible casualties. Do Samantha and Travis die? That would be telling. You have to read the book to find out.

But African Ice is more than just an in-your-face action adventure. It’s about relationships. Men relying on other men for survival in battle. Travis and Samantha – how mutual respect can bring two people together. Patrick Kerrigan and his killers – how they somehow manage to justify deception and murder and still sleep at night. It’s about injustice and poverty – the reality of everyday life in the most remote corners of a dark continent.

I loved writing this book. It was an opportunity to give readers a slice of deepest, darkest Africa – a place where very few would ever venture. Think about it. What could be better than a beautiful woman teaming up with an ex-Navy SEAL to find a stash of the world’s most lucrative stones?

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